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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


annyeongg~ hye~

malas nk cakap pikir maki serta marah bebanyak

ONE thing aku nak conclude sini...

MAYBANK mmg hamlau!!!

lahantak laaa br satu branch maybank ke ape aku pergi tp

mereka sgt kurang hajar!!!!.. what?  klau we look 'kureng' xbley ke??

do i hav to dress up like a bimbo, like a bitch, like rosmah or else to open an account to them??

mmg silap laaaa nk aku buat mcmtu.. slekeh bukan bemaksud aku xde duit..

xmekap bukan bemakne aku nk ROMPAK bank ko pon!!!

prangai mcm ni yang bley aku katerkan mcm HANJENG taw!!... 

seriously.. looked how mad i am.. bcoz to many "!!!!" ahahahaha~

aku dtg dgn humbled.. wearing t-shirt n jeans.. just i don make up so much coz it a day off ok!

my face need a rest too~ i noe i look totally grumpy if im not wearing any make up..

but that not THEIR problem my face looked like that!!!! bengangg!!! nye!!! aku!!!!

im only want to opened an account supaya senang aku nk buat any payment to my parents, my client or any 

transfer if they only accept maybank!!! klau x, xhingin juga aku nk bukak akaun taw!!!! demm~

biler tgh tulis pasal insiden ni pon aku bley rase mcm nk menjerit jer!!! sbb terlalu bengang!!!

just like it was happened a few minutes ago~ 

aku berurusan dgn maybank on last monday... n today i come back to the bank to get my TAC number.. 

why laaaaaa mase aku bukak akaun tu dorg xexplain everything!!!!

ingat senang ke nk park kt area bank tu??? dgn pekerja yg prangai pon mcm hamlau!!! bapaklaaaa!!!!

today what making me more mad!! aku dress up well cuz i hav a meet n greet on lunch....

YES! im wearing my magic make up... n lower down my voice tone while talking to da same counter guy

expect no more... he treating me just like da last 2 days... 

conteng all da forms that i need to fill... did not explain anything to me... 

so, i do it slow n always breath in HARD to keep calm

untill my number.. the guard also had da one kind of attitude... keep asking people to get in line like d office 

SO BIGGG!!! but what i observe.. there only have 8 seat! demm u pakgad!!!

n then on my turn... im not talk in MALAY... i choose to speak in ENGLISH totally!!!

but the teller officer which is 'akak' kn?... haaa~ cant event replied me...

what sound she only gimme was ' aaaaa... urmmmm... ooooo... ic ic ci.. ok'

then sajer jer aku ask another dificult question... about Internet Banking... n what was the rules n so on..

im a bachelor in computer science and networking area... diz is what i do

all of diz my desert!!! yaaaa!!! u've got serve right there in front of ur nose!!!!

aku harap MAYBANK ni kene rompak! BANKRUPT n CLOSE for good~
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